2010 m. spalio 19 d., antradienis

5:52 freakin' AM. Makin' use of time. UPDATE.

Yes. Instead of hangin' out with beautiful women at night i'm spending my time going through a lot of research material and re-mastering my portrait.

A little note,the last week i've been uploadin' posts via my phone. But just now i've noticed that all that typin' was in vain and it uploaded nothing. So i'm gonna re-write my reviews some time today and re-post them.

But in my defense,i'm not spending time like a lazy bum.

Right now i'm going through some books for my Metamorphosis essay. Right now i'm hangin' out with my new friends The Books.

Checking out The Hindu Temple. Has alot of photoes of mixed animal-person characters,that are related to the indian religion. Wasting my time with films like The Planet of the Apes and The Crow,where the humans and animals have a specific connection in both means of mental and physical connection. On my right,there a nifty little book Rocks & Fossils. Sounds weird,but it has some nice lines about the evolving life structure of some organisms. To be more specific with my examples i grabbed the book Reptiles to show specific examples to support my statements. Why reptiles? Since my animal IS the cobra,so why not  go with the family,eh?

Basiclly i'm gonna talk about Metamorphosis' vitality and importance to our lives.

"Metamorphosis -

A process that can't possibly have it's vitality described enough in terms of us actually being alive and looking the way we do,and acting the way we do,interact the way we do and smelling the way we do."

Yes,those are my first lines in my essay. Touche.

But enough about weather and politics! Here's the first re-mastered layer of my self-portrait!

There's gonna be alot more details,like the shirt,facial details,scales,textures. The table behind me gonna have an ashtray and a piece of paper. And is going to be covered a bit in ink. Decided to not go for the "epic" type of portrait. I want something more cozy and closer to myself.

And YES,i've been praticing writing the g's at the end of words. 

People related to university,please be kind enough to stop reading after this point. Thank you.

A quick note to the non-uni readers of my blog and clients:

Leave my Inbox the f*ck alone! Insanity Shock is in effin' hibernation atleast until the winter holidays! So STOP writin' me. Got too much work to do for uni alone and can't waste time on side projects!


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