2010 m. spalio 31 d., sekmadienis

1-32 thumbs

Due to my idiocity,i've missed this weeks Photoshop class,so i dunno how we were taught to make thumbnails,so i just made these the way i did before uni. I give every frame 5 seconds for me to quickly throw an idea any way i can,then without a pause i move on to the next one,then  i just write down some notes for me to able to read them next time. Objet design is on white background,enviroment is on black background.
Did 32 for now,cause i'm pretty sure i'll have to change it all later. The first,are designs for the time machine itself. While reading i book some minor details about the machine,which can be adapted to these vehicles here. Next i tried designing the lab,where the machine would be created. Went a bit overboard on some of these. And made quick notes at the bottom.

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  1. Hey Dmitrij,

    Great to see you getting stuck in - but I fear you may already be 'off brief' - remember the unit title - Space- the excerpts are about spaces; if memory serves you've for the view of the white sphinx, the Morlock's underground lair + their machines, and the Palace of Green Porcelain - I don't think any where there's mention of the lab, or the time machine itself. Something tells me you're working on a project that 'isn't' the commissioned project as communicated by your brief. Can you please put a post together in which you demonstrate that you're 'on message' - and that you're clear on what you're being asked to do. Personally, I would strongly encourage you to copy/paste the key criteria of the project brief onto this blog and prepare a check-list. I want you to have a much more positive and successful experience when it's crit-time - but I can't help you if you don't read/comprehend the brief. Please reassure me, Dmitrij - and where are your influence maps etc.? Rememeber, I want to see your visual concept driving the design of your three spaces - not just 'off-the-cuff' 'out-of-your-head' drawings...