2010 m. rugsėjo 22 d., trečiadienis

Log 0923.7 "Personal Ideas and thoughts"

The first week isn't done yet but i've felt so much so far. I've enjoyed and i've disliked.
But i'm starting to see this course i bit differently. We're not JUST learnin' how to do somethin' and how to do it better. We're learnin' proffesionalism. The kind of attitude and respect we should have towards our projects even if it is just a drawing.

Now i know that i can do something. But i know that i can't do it good right away. The flow these weeks are goin' are enjoyable for men for the most part,cause i know that i can become even better at what i want to do and get better at gettin' better (nonsense? Dunno.).

I'm still recovering after The Fly,so i'm not gonna write much now.

But i feel that i need to write some personal thoughts and feelings from time to time,maybe once a week. Since we are artists,we can't be all technical all the time.


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