2009 m. spalio 29 d., ketvirtadienis

PC vs. Mac thoughts

The whole thing 'bout Windows computers or Mac computers bein' better
than the other is gettin' annoyin'. I use a PC cause i practiclly can.
I'm not in a hurry to change it to a Mac. Macs,i agree,have proovem
themselves better in some ways that PC can't. But i'm happy with
Windows. I can work with it and it allows me to work in a good way.
Viruses? If you're afraid of them then don't watch any Emo Fetish
Shemale porn like the douchebags you are. Weak system? Either upgrade
it or either take good care of your computer. Don't install some chiky
shit,like a billion chat programs or any retarded software like "Boost
up your computer" or "Amaze your friends with your uber interface with
your face flyin' in space on the screen" over 9000 times over and
over! And i think that that is the reason why Macs don't die that
fast! Cause there isn't that much retarded software for Macs! I'm
happy with using a PC and Macs aren't immortal either.

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