2009 m. spalio 6 d., antradienis

Dear Lord

This is turning in to a bloody hell for me. Tommorow i'm gonna take
the bloody IELTS test. Finally! I'm pretty nervouse. That's unusuall.
Finishing the test,writing an essay about myself,finishing the UCAS
registration and Fuck Yeah! Finally gonna get my dirty banana peeling
hands on art! Gonna do some oil paintings,do the "Sick smile" short
film,some graphics,do the,still in storyboard sketch state,"Inject the
truth" video and some more minor things for you not to give crap
about! But that won't start happening till 26th of October! If i'm
still single by that time,i'm gonna show you some mighty shit!

Also,tune in to my live show "Deluded thoughts". It's every Sunday at
8'o clock GMT (i think?). It's a show where i either draw my deluded
thoughts and phantasies either what you ask me to draw in advance.
LIVE!!! And i'm gonna do that shit for 2-3 hours.

I think that's about it.

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