2009 m. rugpjūčio 5 d., trečiadienis

And so it starts...

When i wake up it's goin' to be different than my usuall life. Locked
in my room, closed windows, disconnected internet... Just me and
myself. Gonna go through a bloody hell of a course to learn new stuff
to use in my art, adapt my style to it, practice it and then start
mixin' all of my knowledge in to New Media Arts. My course of study is
goin' to be: 1. Drawing with different styles and techniques 2.
Graphic art in different workflows 3. 3D animation and art work 4.
Film and Video art principals and new styles of workflow 5. Web Design
and Coding 6. Rules and standarts of commercials and magazine looks 6.
Psychology for influence and reaction 7. Physics.
The course might change durin' my "hibernation". I'm gonna write
about every day here and share my new gained knowledge with everyone
who actually reads this.

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