2009 m. rugpjūčio 15 d., šeštadienis

8th day

GOD FUCKIN' DAMN!!! Did i do alot today! Got myself some new textures,alphas and brushes. Did a fuck load of idea designs,character designs and etc. I've decided to start a weekly comic! In fact two of them! First is Smiling Tony and the second one will be Wham'n'Sally! If you people'll like them,let me know! Then i'll put them up on my official portfolio and continue them! ;] Also today i worked on some new photo editing techniques and fuck yeah! If i still haven't done your photo,just wait your turn! ;] Anywayz,here's my preview for today! The character for one of my comics and a photo of the beautiful Sasha re-done by me,turning her in to a devil's hot wife ;DDD

Any ideas,suggestions,love and photoes are still welcome in my e-mail box at InsanityShock@gmail.com

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