2009 m. rugpjūčio 9 d., sekmadienis

4th day

Holy fuck,today i understood that my job isn't just creative,but also technical. I wanted to render out the work i did yesterday,but it would take up to 12 hours to do that,so i dedcided to study some new render engines,and fuck,i had to replace all my hard work with something different that would fit the engine,right now it looks like crap,but someday i'll render out the previouse version. Started alot of sketches for new character designes,gonna make alot more new stuff for you to enjoy or feel pain from :3~ I don't post alot of art work because my PC is too weak to render the art work i do fast enough,so i post something i can every day,IF i can. So here's today's result of technical retarded ass fuckin'....Enjoy?

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