2009 m. liepos 8 d., trečiadienis

End of the first day...

Tired as fuck. Just chillin' on my bed with MJ's Scream on my
mp3,while my retard room mates are havin' a moral orgy rape upstairs.
Some people are fun and awesome to hang out with,while there are some
dumbasses that laugh at each other's dick fart jokes. First day is
ending and i'm already annoyed,that's definitly a bad omen right now.
I guess karma is still whipin' my ass with shattered glass shards
that are on fire for all the crap i did in my life. I don't really
give two shits and a bucket of smelly tards 'bout my life,but i still
regret bein' an ass to some awesome people that were actually makin'
my life awesome.
This is what it's like to live a fuck tard's life.

I miss you.

Gir 2.0

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